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180 X 100 cms
Acrylics & gold leaf on canvas.

For many years the Spaniards searched, from the Andes to the Amazon, the mythical city of El Dorado. However, it was not a city but a person. The Muiscas elected their new Cacique by sending him to the center of the Guatavita lagoon on a golden raft and with his body completely covered in gold dust. This new leader had to sail to the center of the Guatavita lagoon and deposit gold offerings and emeralds for the gods. When he was back, he was consolidated as the new Cacique and prince of the tribe. The golden Indian made his offer by throwing all the gold and emeralds he carried in the middle of the lagoon, and the four caciques who went with him did the same. Then, when returning to the shore, the celebration began with long dances. With this ceremony they received the newly elected and recognized Cacique. From this celebration, comes the legend of El Dorado.

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