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1,83m x 1,22m

This immersive and vibrant painting is a tribute to the diversity and collaboration among Latin American countries, represented by the majestic birds of the GRULA group. In the center, a giant tree stands as a symbol of connection, its branches reaching out like welcoming arms.

The birds, as ambassadors of both fauna and culture, grace the tree with elegance and resplendent colors. Their plumage dances with the hues of the sunset, merging the richness of Latin American skies with the diversity of their cultures.

The tree itself is a masterpiece, adorned with intricate indigenous patterns that tell stories of the land and its people. Each branch is a visual metaphor for collaboration, intertwining the unique identities of each nation.

In the background, the sunset paints the sky with warm tones, bidding farewell with a symphony of colors before giving way to the night. The moon and stars emerge gradually, illuminating the canvas with an ethereal magic that suggests the continuity of collaboration beyond daylight hours.

At the base of the tree, Canadian maple leaves blend with the footprints of the birds, symbolizing the gathering in Canada to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This fusion of elements creates a magical sense where borders blur, and cultures interlace like a cosmic dance.

Altogether, this piece is more than a painting; it's a visual poem that celebrates the symphony of diversity and collaboration among Latin American countries and Canada.

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