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100 X 70 cm
Acrylics, resin & Blue Nubian Dust on wood.

This painting is my way to honor our matriarchs who with much effort, dedication, and sacrifice, manage to transmit with passion the ancestral knowledge of their tribes, our native people. I have always been fascinated by painting them, by the magic of their dresses, colorful accessories and the energy they simply emanate. Gunadule means aperson (Dule) from Guna. Guna is the name of the Indigenous tribe that can be found in Panama and Colombia. They live in what we call heaven on earth. These famous small islands of white sand, transparent water with some coconut trees where all you can eat are freshly caught seafood. I painted the Gunadule curious, as the unknown is a challenge. She assumes it with a mischievous and smiling look. Because she knows that, after all, we are stellar dust and each experience is unique and invaluable.

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