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Artist Camilo Arias Illustration Profile

Camilo Arias, a Colombian visual artist, emerged from the depths of the Colombian armed conflict with a remarkable story of resilience through art. Abandoned by his parents and facing an uncertain future, Camilo found solace in art, using it to transcend his traumatic past.

His vibrant and dynamic works celebrate human resilience, environmental conservation, indigenous cultures, and surrealism, drawing inspiration from his deep connection with nature and the world around him. 


Since 9 years ago, Camilo has been traveling the world, showcasing his bold use of colors and vivid imagery in solo and group exhibitions such as Cairo biennale and creating captivating wall paintings in countries such as Panama, Iceland, Spain, and Egypt.

Camilo's journey serves as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of art, enabling individuals to create new opportunities and overcome adversity, a message he shares through his Artworkshops.

Outstanding Artwork

happy people in art gallery Camilo Arias exhibition

2015: Solo exhibition “Manifestación”, Panama City, Panama.
2016: Seven large commissioned wallpaintings in Panama.
2017: Collective exhibition with the Gallery Zunzun in 3 differents cities of France, as part of Latinograff Festival.
2018: Commissioned wallpaintings in Iceland.
2018: Commissioned wallpaintings in Spain.
2018: Commissioned wallpaintings in Egypt.
2019: Participation in the 13th Cairo Biennale at the Modern Egyptian Art Museum.
2019: Solo exhibition "Psychedelic Roots" at Zamalek Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.
2020: Collective exhibition, as a COVID-19 event support, at Arcade Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2022- Live painting show at Parliament of Canada for Latin American Heritage Month celebrations as a commission for Latinamerican Embassies


Tel. 343-988-3016

Ottawa-Gatineau region, CA

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