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Back in 2018, Camilo Arias painted “Hungry Girls”, a piece he created to capture the beautiful sunsets of La Guajira and the colorful Wayuu tribe, but also to denounce the horrendous famine, drought and lack of access to clean water among other problems. This situation have led to alarming levels of child mortality and malnutrition, ironically in one of the most beautiful department of Colombia, where there is a large reserve of flamingos, "Santuario de Fauna y Flora los Flamencos".

Thanks to the help of NGOs such as Winner Wayuu, the conditions of this tribe have seen some improvement in the quality of life and now, Camilo has joined forces to donate 50% from the “Win Campaign” (Win means water in native Wayuunaiki Colombian language) to this cause where products such as phone covers, t-shirts, prints, and mugs, have been created inspired by the original painting.

Winner Wayuu is a Colombian foundation that, with resources and support, builds a self-sustaining solution to store vital water, called Oasis de Vida (Life’s Oasis), to improve the health and quality of life of the Wayuu indigenous community in La Guajira. The Oasis of Life’s reservoir (also known as the Inverted Hat*) is an artificial underground well that stores drinking water and is built by the community itself.


With these reservoirs, water is provided to an entire group "Ranchería", made up of approximately 5 families and its capacity can last from 2 to 3 months depending on the size of the reservoir. The water is supplied by the government free of charge since each community can request a minimum visit of a tank car per month.

The reservoir is made up of an artificial underground well and a filter designed to eliminate odors, colors, flavors, and microbiology that may be present in the water.

With your support to this campaign, you will contribute to:

1. Prevent the community from making long journeys in search of scarce water in the territory.

2. Reduce the mortality rate of children by providing them with vital water

3. Protect the culture to avoid its disappearance


Thank you for your support!



If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us: 

Camilo Arias: or by chat on Facebook Camilo Arias 

Winner Wayuu Foundation: 

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